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2017 Purchase Information -

We sell most of our beef by the quarter which yields between 90-120 pounds of of finished beef.  We sell "split halves", yielding cuts from the front and rear quarters.  We purchase cattle at auction in the spring to cover our needs for the season, we require a $200 per quarter deposit for beef, generally available for pickup in midin November.  Your final price will be $4.00 per pound hanging weight due to Sand Lily Farms and butchers fees to Byron Center meats  see   Hanging weight is the weight of the butchered animal, prior to being cut and packed by the butcher. 1/8th is available, but with limited cutting options from our butcher.  A deposit of $100 is required for an 1/8th.  Please call or email prior to sending a check if ordering later than May 1st as we are a small farm.  
Reserve your beef by check to:
Sand Lily Farms
5920 115th Ave.

Mark is available for consult for your rural landscape issues.  I have over 15 years of experience with grass land beef production, permaculture and homesteading issues.  In our area a quick walk over your place would be free to $50 depending in the logistics.  If you are far away call and we'll talk.  I am a raging pragmatist and will provide consulting based on all the many available agriculture tools of our day including herbicides and collaborating with your big farm neighbors. 

We generally have sample cuts available from our home by appointment.  We have been known to attend the Grand Rapids farmers market at Fulton and Fuller and the Eastern Market in Detroit (which BTW is the coolest farm market ever).

Mark Ludwig
Sand Lily Farms
5920 115th Ave
Fennville, MI 49408

616-240-7135 - My cell, generally available 8 AM to 9 PM EST

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